Ensuring Your Residential Insulation Lasts: What To Look Out For

28 February 2020
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There are several materials of choice for residential insulation. For example, materials such as fibreglass can last up to 100 years in ideal conditions. Emphasis is, of course, on the phrase "ideal conditions." In non-ideal and real conditions, the lifespan of your residential insulation can drastically decline on account of one or more of the reasons highlighted in this article. 1.      Water Damage Be it from a leaking gutter or leaking plumbing, water will degrade and break down your residential insulation material faster. Read More …

Top Tips When Hiring a Subdivision Contractor

14 January 2020
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Land subdivision is a challenging exercise. As such, you should consider hiring a subdivision contractor. The professional will handle the process to ensure it abides by the local council law. Below are a few tips to help you choose a subdivision contractor.  Expertise As a rule of the thumb, the contractor should be licenced to conduct subdivision work in your locality. Further, he or she should be affiliated with professional organisations. Read More …

Three Things to Consider When Choosing Cabinets for Your Kitchen Fit-Out Project

11 January 2020
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You have recently finished constructing the shell of your new house. Now you are looking to do the interior fit-out in order to match the space with your personality and lifestyle. While you will need to focus on every area of your interior living space, the kitchen is one of the rooms that will require the most attention. When planning kitchen fit-outs, you should pick your cabinetry carefully. The kind of cabinets you install will impact the appearance of your kitchen and the entire house, but also determine how much stuff you can store in the kitchen. Read More …

Residential Stairs: Three Design Tips for Promoting Optimal Performance

8 January 2020
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If you are planning on installing new residential stairs, you should not only think about the functional role of the feature in your house — staircases can also be valuable design elements. If you make the right choices during design and construction, the stairs will enhance the overall ambience of the interior space. In addition, well-designed stairs will promote safety in the home. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind while designing your residential stairs for optimal performance. Read More …

3 Reasons to Use Hinged Doors on Your Custom Wardrobes

6 January 2020
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As you choose a design for new custom wardrobes, you have to choose a type of door. While some people go for sliding doors, especially if their bedrooms are small, hinged doors work better for some if space isn't so much of a problem. When might hinged doors be a better bet than sliding doors? 1. Hinged Doors Don't Close Off Your Space Sliding wardrobe doors do save space. Typically, you see the benefits of this because the doors don't have to open outwards when you use them — they simply slide from side to side inside the front footprint of the unit. Read More …