Top Tips When Choosing A Bricklayer

Top Tips When Choosing A Bricklayer

20 August 2020
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A bricklayer is an essential aspect of the home building process. He or she will take charge of the building process to ensure your dream becomes a reality. Below are some tips to help you choose a bricklayer. 

Rely On Experience

Ask the bricklayer to present his or her portfolio. Alternatively, he or she should connect you to former clients or take you to a site visit to some of his or her recent projects. It is an opportunity to examine the bricklayer's work quality. Interview some former client's to determine the bricklayer's level of professionalism. For instance, how does the bricklayer handle disputes? Does the professional meet client deadlines? How does the bricklayer interact with site engineers, architects and certifiers? You may want to avoid bricklayers with lots of negative reviews. 

Ask For A Project Proposal

Ask the bricklayer to present a project proposal detailing how he or she will execute the works. The plan should address the following:

How the bricklayer will handle earthmoving works. For example, where will he or she dispose of soil and rocks? What equipment will the bricklayer use?

The type and quality of materials needed to complete the bricklaying works.

How the professional will set up the foundation. Typically, he or she should conduct a site inspection to determine whether the foundation will require extra works such as piles or drainage systems.

A project timeline detailing when the bricklayer will complete the various phases of your construction project.

The proposal should also have a budget explaining the cost of labour and materials. Most bricklayers can source construction materials in wholesale. As such, it may be cheaper to source the materials from your bricklayer as opposed to your local building supplier. 

Inquire About Safety Standards

The bricklayer must observe safety when working at your site. For example, all equipment should have a safety inspection certificate. Besides, the professional should have adequate insurance cover to protect third parties, sub-contractors and workers at the site. His or her employees should have PPEs such as gloves, boots and helmets. Besides, they should have a fall protection system when working at heights. 

Examine The Terms and Conditions of The Bricklayer

The bricklayer should have friendly terms and conditions. For example, check when and how you should make payments. Most builders will ask for a deposit. You will make small payments once he or she completes a phase of the construction project. Work with professionals that provide guarantees. Besides, you should check the process of contract termination. 

When hiring a bricklayer, evaluate his or her experience, ask for a project proposal, inquire about safety standards and check the terms and conditions of the bricklayer.