Why Should General Contractors Hire Heavy Equipment and Machinery?

Why Should General Contractors Hire Heavy Equipment and Machinery?

11 May 2023
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Heavy equipment and machinery play a crucial role in the construction industry, enabling contractors to carry out a wide range of tasks quickly, efficiently and, perhaps most importantly of all, safely. While some general contractors might consider purchasing their own heavy-duty machinery, there are numerous benefits to hiring equipment when it is needed. Find out more about the advantages of turning to a heavy machinery hire company if you run a building firm in Australia today.

Financial Savings

One of the primary reasons general contractors should consider heavy machine hire is that it is often cheaper to do so. Purchasing heavy machinery can constitute a significant investment, with high upfront costs and ongoing expenses for maintenance, repairs, insurance and storage. On the other hand, opting for heavy machine hire allows contractors to pay for the equipment they need on a per-project basis, reducing overall expenses and freeing up capital for other areas of the business. Hiring equipment also eliminates the need for depreciation costs and provides tax advantages, as rental expenses can be considered tax-deductible business expenses. Moreover, hiring allows contractors to better manage their cash flow by avoiding long-term financial commitments.

Access to Modern and Properly Maintained Equipment 

When general contractors hire heavy equipment and machinery, they gain access to a wide range of modern, well-maintained machines. Equipment rental companies tend to invest in the latest technology and ensure their machinery is in top condition to meet the needs of their clients. This means contractors can benefit from increased efficiency, reduced downtime and enhanced safety on the job site.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Hiring heavy equipment and machinery offers general contractors flexibility and adaptability in managing their projects. Contractors can easily scale up or down the amount of equipment required to meet the changing demands of their projects, without the constraints of owning a fixed inventory of machinery. The adaptability of heavy machine hire allows contractors to take on a wider range of projects, too, potentially boosting their revenue streams.

Expert Advice and Support

When renting heavy equipment and machinery, general contractors will also benefit from the expertise of the rental company's staff. These professionals can provide guidance on selecting the most suitable equipment for a specific project and offer advice on proper operation and safety procedures, for example. In addition, many equipment rental companies provide on-site support and training, ensuring contractors have the necessary knowledge and skills to use the machinery in the most effective manner.

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