Home Construction: Important Tips for Acquiring Building Approval

Home Construction: Important Tips for Acquiring Building Approval

22 November 2021
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If you are planning for domestic building work, you must understand the importance of building approvals. In general, this document is required before the commencement of residential development work. The purpose of the approval is to prove that the proposed structure is designed to meet the appropriate building standards and regulations. The approval will protect your investment by guaranteeing the safety of your new house or other structure. Moreover, you will avoid legal problems related to the development work. If you are unfamiliar with building legislation, use these simple tips for a good outcome.

Check the Exemptions

When planning for a building approval application, determine the possibility of an exemption. If you are building a house, an exemption will not be applicable. This type of development is large-scale and will affect the safety of occupants and the general public. However, if you are making modifications, your project might not require building approval. Check the building regulations in your local area for explicit information about exemptions. The common exemptions are things like small garden sheds, attached pergolas, and temporary storage sheds.

Review the Procedure

If your project is not exempted from the building approval process, ensure that you plan for your application on time. Often, building owners make assumptions about the timelines for getting approval. As a result, some do not consider the challenges of getting the permit on the anticipated timeline. Keep in mind that your initial application might not get direct approval. Therefore, establish the best schedule to avoid delays in the construction process. In general, the building approval documentation can be obtained through the municipal surveyors. However, in most cases, using a private building surveyor is more efficient. You can avoid prolonged approval periods by choosing an independent specialist. Inquire about the requirements for application and submit appropriate documentation as recommended. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the procedure, check with your building contractor.

Consider Related Approvals

The building approval is designed to ensure that the construction work in your domestic site is compliant with the existing regulation. Also, the document outlines the need for choosing qualified contractors and conducting independent inspections during the project. Additionally, the approval is designed to prove to future buyers, tenants, and other users that the building is safe for occupation. However, some issues are not covered in the building approval and can leave you vulnerable to legal problems and penalties. Therefore, inquire about the need for additional documentation for issues like tree removal, unit titling, heritage impact issues, and concessional lease changes. 

Reach out to a professional for help with building approvals