Swimming Pool Construction: Planning for Building Approval Acquisition

Swimming Pool Construction: Planning for Building Approval Acquisition

22 September 2020
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Installing a swimming pool on your residential property is beneficial, but the construction process can be challenging. In general, there are numerous legal issues that you must address to ensure that the new structure is safe and reliable. One of the critical processes that you must consider before commissioning the construction of a swimming pool is the acquisition of building approvals. This permit will allow you to proceed with the work because it will be proof that the planned structure meets the required standards. Here are some basic guidelines to help you acquire your pool building approval.

Check the Land

You should assess your land critically when planning for swimming pool construction. This will help you determine the best spot for installing your new structure. Consequently, the design process and the application for approval will be more efficient. Often, people choose a spot for installing a swimming pool based on convenience and aesthetics. However, you should also think about practical issues like interference with underground utilities. For instance, if you choose an area with sewer pipes, you will not be able to get a permit easily or proceed with the work. Therefore, it is advisable to check the placement of utility lines and other limiting factors on your property before moving on to the design phase.

Draft the Design

Drafting the design is crucial for obtaining your building approval. This blueprint will be used to determine if the planned swimming pool will meet the established standards and be safe for use. Under ideal circumstances, you will need to engage a qualified contractor to handle the official design on your behalf. This will ensure that the draft will be accepted after submission. However, it is worthwhile to have a clear idea about your desired pool. For instance, you should know the optimal size and shape. Also, choose a suitable construction material to match the budget and anticipated performance. In addition, you should discuss general functional and appealing features. When you meet with the contractor with a vision, the design process will be efficient.

Lodge an Application

When your design plans are finalised, you can lodge your application for the building approval. This process is not complicated, but it is advisable to have this procedure handled by your contractor. Their familiarity will ensure that the approval is managed well. The application can be submitted to the local council. However, the required permit can be given by a swimming pool certifier. This specialist will check your plans and approve if the legal standards are met.