Road Line Marking Paint Characteristics To Look For When Buying

Road Line Marking Paint Characteristics To Look For When Buying

2 November 2020
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Driving a vehicle on a dark, unmarked road or parking lot is never easy. Fortunately, road line marking helps vehicle owners to drive safely, making the lines a crucial driving aid. In fact, all drivers are trained to observe line markings constantly, particularly when headlights blind them. Other than boosting visibility and safety, line markings organise vehicles into efficient lanes and ensure other road users do not interfere by using the wrong lanes.

The quality of the road line markings on the road is usually determined by the type of paint that's used. For this reason, it's advisable to choose high-quality line marking paint that can withstand the harsh conditions it is subjected to on the road or in the parking lot. Here are the top characteristics of quality line marking paint to help you make an informed choice.

Dries fast

Unless the line markings are being installed at night, you can be sure that vehicles and other road users will cause interruptions. Since you can't stop the traffic, it's prudent to choose a road marking paint that dries within a short time, regardless of the climate.

Consider talking to your supplier about this to find the best paint you can use, depending on the application. Remember, some paints can dry faster in cold weather than in summer, so you must consider the weather conditions before making a choice.

Resistant to environmental elements and friction

Once the line marks are made on the road or parking lot, they will be subjected to friction and different environmental elements like water, dust, grime, rocks, etc. The line marking paint you pick should retain its bright colour for longer to promote visibility, irrespective of the environmental conditions and friction.

If you overlook this feature, the paintings will be damaged sooner than later, and you will be forced to invest your hard-earned money on the same project again. So go for paints with a slow, natural aging speed and that resist friction, even if they come at a higher price.

Excellent night visibility

The line marking paint you choose should also be visible and clear within the standard visual distance, both at night and during the day. Visibility at night is usually hard, so adequate reflective glass beads are needed to boost night vision.

Note that a few or too many beads affect reflection performance, so make a smart choice. When you choose the best reflective marking paint, you will enhance safety at night and save lives.  

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