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Customisation Options For Your Kitchen Island Benchtop

30 December 2019
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Kitchen islands help you to correct any deficiencies in your kitchen, adding counter space or seating areas as needed. Additionally, they provide extra design opportunities. Here are some ways to customise your island benchtop. Add Additional Bench Space A prime advantage of this furniture item is the additional bench surface they provide, allowing you to spread out various vegetables and ingredients when cooking a complicated recipe or meal. One way to maximise the benefit is to extend the counter a few extra centimetres than standard beyond the cupboards. Read More …

Follow these Tips to Have Your Building Certified as Green

29 December 2019
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There are many reasons that building owners think about getting their buildings certified as green. Some do it because green buildings have more prestige. Others do it because they genuinely care about the environment and they want to make sure that they create structures that create a positive impact in the environment. Whatever your motivation, you will only be successful in becoming certified as green when you understand the procedures followed and the requirements that you have to meet. Read More …