Follow these Tips to Have Your Building Certified as Green

Follow these Tips to Have Your Building Certified as Green

29 December 2019
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There are many reasons that building owners think about getting their buildings certified as green. Some do it because green buildings have more prestige. Others do it because they genuinely care about the environment and they want to make sure that they create structures that create a positive impact in the environment. Whatever your motivation, you will only be successful in becoming certified as green when you understand the procedures followed and the requirements that you have to meet. Here are three tips that you will find very useful in getting your building the certification it needs. 

Define your Motive

The basic question to ask yourself is what you are trying to accomplish. People get their buildings certified for a number of reasons. Some want to attract more tenants, and especially those who are mindful of the environment. There are others who get the building certification because they want to reduce their utility costs; for instance, installing solar panels reduces the use of electricity, which lowers your electric bill. Then, there is sustainability. Most of the time, people go green because they want sustainability. As long as you have a defined purpose, you will know which changes to implement to get certified.

Choose the Right Certification Program

There are several certification programs available to anyone that wants to get building certification. Most of the bodies that offer these certifications have set rules and guidelines to the process. You can access these guidelines online and see what you are expected to do before you can get the certificate. It is also important to check the status that the body performing the certification and ensure that they are regarded highly; otherwise, you will have wasted your resources with the process. Look at factors such as age of the program, scope, complexity and benefits which come with the certification before choosing it.

Consider the Current State of the Building

Another consideration that you need to make is the current state of the building. The state determines the possibility of making sensible changes to the system. There are certain changes that cannot be accommodated by buildings in their state. In this case, you have to pick another type of certification and deal with it. 

These are some of the crucial things you need to think about when dealing with building certification. It is always advisable to call in an expert in the certification process before starting out as this will help you get the best out of it.