3 Reasons to Use Hinged Doors on Your Custom Wardrobes

3 Reasons to Use Hinged Doors on Your Custom Wardrobes

6 January 2020
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As you choose a design for new custom wardrobes, you have to choose a type of door. While some people go for sliding doors, especially if their bedrooms are small, hinged doors work better for some if space isn't so much of a problem.

When might hinged doors be a better bet than sliding doors?

1. Hinged Doors Don't Close Off Your Space

Sliding wardrobe doors do save space. Typically, you see the benefits of this because the doors don't have to open outwards when you use them — they simply slide from side to side inside the front footprint of the unit. However, this has a downside.

A sliding wardrobe door takes up space at a side when it is open. This can make it hard to reach stuff that you've hung or stored in that part of the wardrobe.

The fact that a hinged door opens outward here helps. The door opens up the space it covers fully. This makes it a lot easier to access all your wardrobe's space easily without juggling doors or having to contort yourself to get behind a door.

2. You Want to Maximise Hanging Space

The space that a sliding door takes up when it is open can be hard to reach into. You might find it hard to get clothes into and out of that area. If you can't reach inside easily, you may even decide not to put things in that area at all.

This reduces the available space you have to hang and store clothes and other items. The easier access that a hinged door gives you makes this space just as accessible as the rest of the wardrobe. So, you can fill every inch if you need to.

3. You Want a Wider Choice of Designs

You may find that you have a limited choice of sliding door designs. Typically, these doors come in mirrored, glass or basic wooden designs. These may not exactly match your own ideas of how you want your wardrobes to look.

It is easy to find a wider range of designs, material and colours in hinged doors. These doors simply need to open and close outwards so you don't have the same material and finish restrictions that you might have with a sliding alternative.

Talk to your custom wardrobes designer to find out more about hinged doors. They can show you examples of sizes, materials and finishes to help you decide if this is the best way to finish off your wardrobes.